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Football Dreams is a fascinating and unique humanitarian project aimed at empowering youth of the world by identifying football talents. It provides thousands of 13-year olds with their dream – the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in order to become professional footballers. For all the players, Football Dreams is a unique opportunity; for the selected few, Football Dreams is a fantasy – all-expenses paid education, coaching, medical treatment, equipment, housing, and food, along the way to a European debut. For its ninth edition, the program covers an in-depth, 18 country spread, over 3 continents, relying on a team of prestigious coaches, scouts, and academy staff who have gathered international experience at the most prestigious scenes.
During the project, 500.000 young players participate in roughly 22.000 games, organized in an average of 80 fields, throughout 18 countries, for the best to be selected from. Balls, bibs, and other soccer equipment are donated to the 4,500 collaborators including coaches, local coordinators, and physiotherapists who contribute to the project’s achievement and professionalism.
Registration is totally free and is open to boys born in 2002.